Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Unity Tutorial: Scavenger Roguelike Survival

Try it out here.

Next tutorial is a roguelike survival game called Scavenger. Check out the tutorial here.

Concepts Covered:

  • Procedural tile based levels
  • Prefabs and sprites
  • Player turns, enemy turns
  • A scoring and life system
  • Infinite game play getting more difficult as you progress

This feels like the first "real game" I've created. By that I mean, if you'd bought a floppy disk 20 years ago and this was the game, you'd be pretty happy with the purchase. It's fun, I had a few friends try it out... this is not a concept, it's a game.

The levels are randomly generated, the game will be different every time you play - but for what it's worth, my girlfriend currently holds first place of reaching level 16 on her first attempt. I'm not counting subsequent attempts because the AI is too easy to game once you've worked it out :)

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