Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hello, Town

After a few weeks of trial-ing and error-ing, I've come to an approximate idea of what my first game will be. It all starts off with a town, and this is my town.

Now granted... if you flipped the camera around there is literally nothing but a flat plane of grass heading off into the abyss. I plan to add to the town as I need to, rather than adding extra things in there for the sake of it.

The little dude, he might change. He's just a free asset off the store who already had his animations pre-made for him. (I'm trying to link him, but I can't find him on the asset store, maybe he's not free anymore? Not sure.)

Next up, I want my characters to be able to move around by themselves. Think an "Auto Run" where you can say 'Go to the Tavern' and the guy will run there himself. For this I re-familiarized myself with A* Pathing.

I also made my first GIF! (Weird, Huh)... The white boxes show all the movement nodes I've embedded into the map. From here, the blue lines indicate all possible choices of movement at any given time, the white line shows the shortest route to get where he's going... and as you can see, he moves there.

Next up I want to get his animations moving so he walks and faces the correct direction!

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