Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Unity Tutorial: Rolling Ball

Try it out here.

As I mentioned in my rough game development strategy, I want to dive into some Unity tutorials to get a grasp of the engine.

The first tutorial I've looked at is the rolling ball tutorial from the Unity website. For such a basic looking game it promised to teach me a lot of different core concepts!

Concepts Covered: 

  • Creating objects
  • Controlling a player (marble) with keyboard inputs
  • Using physics to move the marble around
  • Detecting collisions between the marble & other objects
  • Determining whether collisions count as points or are physical limits (walls)

Sounds fun!

Mid way through the tutorial I can't help but think, these tutorials are designed for idiots. Thank you for telling me that the reason my new material sits within a sub folder, is because I had that sub folder selected when I clicked 'New > Material'.

Truthfully I'm grateful for the slow start. Easing into it gently. Here's a familiar face, code!

I wasn't hindered at all using Visual Studio instead of the Mono Development software used in the tutorials. The only thing worthy of note is that Mono gives you access to the help documentation by highlighting an object and hitting Ctrl + ' (Ctrl Single Quote), you can replicate this in Visual Studio by hitting Ctrl + Alt + M, Ctrl H. (Swish!)

A few hours later and the tutorial is finished. It's kind of remarkable how much can be done in such a short space of time. I like it.

The great thing about Unity is that you can easily publish to different platforms. I'm choosing to publish the tutorials I complete in WebGL so that I can view them in a web browser. Honestly the game looks better running in an .exe, but who's going to download an .exe file from a stranger on the internet.

You can try it out here.

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