Tuesday, 31 May 2016

First post! A rough strategy

"There's a lot I don't know about game development."

I know a lot about games, I know a lot about development. I've really tried to combine the two before.  Sure, I've dabbled... but never really committed to creating something worthwhile.

Coming from a C# environment, I've heard Unity will treat me well.  That was an easy choice for me. The hope is my prior knowledge of code will make some things easier than if I was trying to learn, say, C++ at the same time as the Unreal engine.

"It also says it supports virtual reality..."

That's the game engine chosen and I'll probably start this journey by following Unity tutorials to get me into the swing of things, give me an idea of what's possible. I'd like to try and create something from each genre, I think that would give me a nice insight into how different things are achieved.

After the Unity tutorials, I want to look at asset creation. This is my first main concern. I am not an artistic man. Again I'll start by following some tutorials and get a range of different asset types practiced. I'm hoping some generous websites will really hold my hand while I learn.

I'm not too hopeful as this blog is new, but if any readers have links to complete idiot proof asset tutorials I will be very grateful.

Assuming the assets used in the Unity tutorials are basic enough, I think a great exercise would be to add my own assets into the tutorials, really make them 'my own'. That's an exciting idea, I would actually be creating something myself!

As for sounds & music, I may have to rely on readily available assets, for now. Knowing myself, by this point I will be keen to start writing my own first game. So that's what I will hopefully head into.

From there? Who knows. Multiplayer is an obvious next step for me. Persistent worlds, maybe. I'm intrigued by procedural generation too.

One thing is for sure - my goals are humble. I know I'm not a AAA studio. I'm a guy with full time commitments and bills to pay. Despite that, I'm really excited to see what I can come up with in my spare time and hope to share my experiences along the way.